The Social Hand Grenade Podcast

... is a podcast by the 'social hand grenade' himself, Joseph Wilson (as seen on nothing important enough to advertise).

Journey with the 'journeyman of comedy' as he interviews stand up comedians, actors and all sort of life's fire crackers.

Thank you for listening & most importantly... enjoy!


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Episode 1 - Steve Nallon

Steve Nallon has been at the forefront of comedy and impressionist comedy for well over 30 years. Not only voicing Margaret Thatcher during cult show 'Spitting Image' but 'Nelly' continues to tread the boards in theatres and a be a constant hero of mine.

What more do you need from this comic master? Recorded in 'The Brothel', listen and love the one, the only... Mr Steve Nallon.

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: Steve Nallon stand-up

Spitting Image clip from YouTube 2: Steve playing 'Margaret Thatcher'.

Episode 2 - Ben Norris

Ben Norris is one of those cats that has been around for yonks and he has been doing exactly what a comic does best... being a funny mo' fo!

I admire his comedy styling's alot. This comedian is extremely well respected on the circuit and beyond. It's obvious to see why!

We first met years ago and gigged about since then. Then Benny saw me in Bournemouth filming for another comedian and he took me aside... (a few months later) we had: 'Beige 35 Rap'.

In this interview, Benny brings his funny, insightful and thoughtful styling's to make a very interesting interview.

I consider this guy a real gem of a man.

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly present... Ben Norris!!!

Episode 3 - Nike Revell

Nick Revell is literally the Sensei of the art of comedy. A man who has been doing intelligent, satirical humour since the start of the 'punk-age' of British comedy and is still as relevant as ever today.

If his comedic knowledge and mastery was sold on a USB then it would sell for untold fortunes.

This gentleman is like the grand old master on top of that mountain, like in Manga films. Once the young, ambitious rogue (Joseph) reaches Temple, his mission to learn and absorb. Walking the grounds with the Grand Master as he tuts at what naive lessons the young man has learnt previously...

Anyway you get the picture.

But hey, don't worry friends, he can tell a great knob gag as well!

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... Nick Revell!!!

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Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: '4by4' Routine

YouTube 2:'Mating Calls' Routine

Website Audio: The Million Pound Radio Show - 'Pirate Sketch'

Outro Song: Sex Pistols- 'God Save the Queen'

Episode 4 - Javier Jarquin

'Sweet as...' its Javier Jarquin! This Latino, Chinese, New Zealander is a guy you need in your friendship circle!

Not only he is funny, a top bloke but childish.

Recorded in The Brothel, Javier made me howl like no other. I first saw him doing his Card Ninja act and for a guy who dislikes magic, he karate kicked it our of the park. Then he has his hilarious stand up act.

What I'm trying to tell you.... he's talented.

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... Javier Jarquin!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: 'Aussie & Kiwi' Routine

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 2:'Latino/Chinese/Britain' Routine

Outro Song: Beastie Boys - Girls

Episode 5 - Imran Yusuf

Imran Yusuf is a real funny mo 'fo who I first met when I started out as a chubby, afro haired 18 year old in the bullshit, unfunny world of showbiz ( Baby)!

He has become a great friend and comic who's focus and determination to achieve his dreams is something to be admired.

With Imran your always to expect an intense, intelligent, hilarious conversation.

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... Imran Yusuf!!!

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Episode 6 - Matt Fong & Nick Banks

This is drink fueled episode where I hanged out with two of my great friends, co-comedians and producers of Rib Ticklers Comedy Club's, Matt Fong and Nick Banks.

It’s always a scream and another louder scream to hang with these good, gut-busting guys.

This episode sounds very aggressive, being full of meanness and mockful fists of fury, but we love each other really and respect each other like brothers.

We chat about ‘Respect’, ‘Romance’, ‘How you would like to be treated?' and ‘The North-South’ (England) divide. Oh and some other hilarious nonsense!

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... Matt Fong and Nick Banks!!!

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Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer

Outro Song: Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

YouTube Clip : Weladstone Raider 'You Got No Fans'

Episode 7 - Noel Faulkner​

Noel Faulkner​ is like NO other folks!

Catch this sharp dressing Irishman, who's background reads like a fictional lead in a Hollywood screenplay, spit his rhythms and humour all over this special episode.

An integral and influential part in my comedy career, I was so feckin' happy to sit down with him and just listen to what this ex-drug smuggling, swinging sixties, IRA dodging and lady killer ,had to mute.

Also there is a genuine, heart wrenching moment of his acting amigo, the late, great, Robin Williams.

Ladies and Gentlemen.... The Social Hand Grenade Proudly Presents.... The true 'King of Comedy'.... Noel Faulkner. x

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1: Noel Faulkner - Stiff Love on Ukulele

YouTube 2: Noel Faulkner - Tesco Blues on Ukulele 

Outro Song:  The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary 

Episode 8 - Bennett Arron​

'Tom Jones' Chip Shop Headbutt'

Whenever I do an episode there is a rough structure where I want to take it. However, this episode proves that with an intelligent and insightful mind like Bennett Arron (lucky bugger), any conversation can bend sharply into a sophisticated and funny one.

I have always been an admirer of this Welsh/Jew for his deliciously, clever writing to his outright kindness . Bennett opens up about his identity theft and how he actually 'stole' the identity of the once British Home Secretary. In turn, creating a Channel 4 documentary 'How Not To Lose Your Identity'.

Not only has he written for countless comedy sitcoms and radio but he recently penned his new book 'The Girl from the Discotheque' (available to buy at Amazon).

From supporting Ricky Gervias on his stand up tour to Bennett's own sitcom writing course (which is highly recommended), he also can drink beer.

And of course... there's the 'Social Hand Grenade' moment. 

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1: Bennett Arron On Stage 1

YouTube 2: Bennett Arron On Stage 2

Outro Song:  Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual 

Episode 9 - John Gordillo

The sheer brilliance of John Gordillo is that he does not and will not make it easy for himself. With that intense pressure and constant questioning, Gordillo's stand up is hilarious, intelligent and thought provoking. The term 'Lowest Common Denominator' can never be attributed to this man.

This interview was recorded at his place where we drunk coffee  for hours whilst we discussed socio-politics, the importance of X-Factor and the pressures our father's ideology.

Along with stand up, he fronted a late night chat show and continues to work as a director. From works that include 'Eddie Izzard: Live at the Ambassadors', ITV's 'Comedy: Shuffle' &  now on 'Ross Noble: Freewheeling' (out this month, John is simply comedy wizard.

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: John 'Gordillo Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2012'

Outro Song: Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams

Episode 10 - Gareth Berliner 'Macca'

CHECK OUT this hilarious and insightful ‪#‎episode‬ 10 of THE SOCIAL HAND GRENADE PODCAST with comedian and Coronation Street's 'Macca', Gareth Berliner.

Gareth Berliner popped into The Brothel to discuss stand up comedy, new found fame, disability and THE MORGAN FREEMAN IMPERSONATION segment.

I have been great, dear friends with Gareth since I started in comedy and has been a real supporter of my work and continues, to this day, be hilarious and a good ear to have.

At points in this episode we hear Berliner be actuely honest about certain subjects that are those this man's heart. It makes you think of things in a different context.

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: Gareth Berliner 'Comedy Store, Sydney'

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 2: 'The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin'

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 3: 'Gladiator Soundtrack' 

Episode 11 - Terry Alderton 'Google My Head'

Simply YES!

I write this paragraph full of red wine in my liver and happiness in my heart. This episode was recorded at The Brothel where Terry Alderton stormed it as a person in this heart-felt and uplifting episode.

I first met Terry when I was a chubby, young comedian starting out in the bullshit world of showbiz. As we find out during this recording I met my soon-to-be-hero when he was throwing in the towel mentally and comedicaly, circa 2006.

Then he reinvented his comedy to become genius he is today. Don't tell him I said this because, in truth, he is quite shy in person and his self-loathing is unshakable. Oy.. imagine if this half yok was a full member of 'The (Jewish)Firm'.

Alderton speaks candidly about depression, life and simply not caring as he approaches middle age. However, this outlook is correct as this is an episode of a man who has battled with breakdowns and uncertainties but has exploded out of them with zen-like happiness. 

Of all the times I have gigged with him and made it my purpose to dive into comedy clubs or theatres to be blown away, I can call him my friend. However he wouldn't! 

Alas, my fellow fans of the Essexman and Eastenders...  he exclusively made public.... he has quit comedy. 

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: 'Live at the 2010 Melbourne Internation Comedy Festival'

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 2: 'Terry Alderton - Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow'

Outro Song: The Two Johns, 'Offenders'

Episode 12 - Alistair McGowan 'Do I have to pay for this?


I first met my guest today, weirdly, as all showbiz stories should start out, when I was 13 years old at the Royal Box, Wembley Stadium watching my team Arsenal beat Newcastle in the FA Final 1998.

I was simply captivated by this tall man doing impressions to camera on the outside Banquet Balcony, wearing a purposely creased mustard suit with brown shoes and no socks. He belted out his Frankie Detory  impressions live on TV with, the then gorgeous, and still, Gabby Logan. As she laughed her head off… and as I, a chubby (insert insulting adjective) looked on, I was completely & utterly spell-bound.

After they wrapped, or probably as the grip had to crane one out (cough ithankyou), I sheepishly with my friend said in our half broken voices “Excuse me Mr McGowan?  Can I do my impression of Kermit the frog for you?”

Slightly taken aback, he politely agreed to listen, looking over our shoulders unsure. My friend gave me a nudge of confidence and I said “HAY HO! THIS IS KERMIT THE FROG REPORTING LIVE FROM WEMBKEY STADUIM”.

“Very good” said the sockless man

Then asked us concerningly (if that’s a word) “Where? I mean… Are you here alone?!”

My friend smugly explained who his grandfather was, then, the vice-chairman of Wembley Stadum.

He signed my autograph book and before I could ask if I could do another impression, he was whisked away from the Cresh by Logan and her long legged lovely Logan Legs.


Its 2015 and he is in my house helping me sound proof the room to make it a better podcast before we record.


Friends, Shmucks and Smirrels…. The Social Hand Grenade Proudly Presents …. My hero… Alistair McGowan…..

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1: Alistair McGowan does... Dara O'Briain & the Mock The Week team

YouTube 2: The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin 

Outro Song:  Charlotte Page, 'Losing My Mind' (Follies, Toulon, 201 

Episode 13 - Joe Bor …Collecting Fluff

Its JOE BOR.... on the @SHGPodcast!!!!

The TV warm-up maestro and mulit-bum comedian talks honestly and digging deep about comedy, divorce and his two bottoms.

I love Joe. We both started out together and he has been a friend since. He always cracks me up and his vulnerability is very captivating. 

Social Hand Grenade Proudly Presents... Joe Bor!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1:Joe Bor Stand Up - Magners Pint Sized Comedy with Dave

YouTube 2: Joe Bor -Jasper Cromwell Jones, 2013 

YouTube 3: The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin

Outro Song: Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way 

Episode 14 - Adam Bloom 'I'm the Nutty Man'

I first came into contact with today's guest, Adam Bloom, when I was 18 years old researching stand up comedy and I came across his website.

I loved talking to this man. He is a unique character and comic. Whenever I envision Adam talking passionately about comedy it's like the film 'A Beautiful Mind' where Russell Crow sees  numbers and symbols flying towards him. What I'm trying to say(in a wanky way) he's a bit of a genius without any mental.

His comic brains works on a different system to all of us. It's like we are all driving Mini's and he is cruising in a Porsche. A Porsche that is way quicker and better designed but a car that you would not want to key up.

I was dead happy he was here in The Brothel sharing his wisdom and happiness.

Friends, Shmucks and Smirrels…. The Social Hand Grenade Proudly Presents …. Adam Bloom!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1: Adam Bloom Stand Up- Comedy Store Special

YouTube 2: The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin 

Outro Song:  Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner 

Episode 15 - Paul Gannon 'Geppetto'

And here we go again!

This episode #15 brings you my dear friend Paul Gannon. Paul is probably the only person who knows more of my intimate secrets and social faux pas more than Police! Ay Oy!

Paul has written across many comedy forms from BBC 'Dead Ringers', BBC radio and completed a 27 hour record attempt for Fubar radio in association with Comic Relief.

The Geekatoruim was created by 'Gan' where comedians can talk openly about their geeky passions. 'Gan' has toured it all over the UK and America.

A boy from a small town in the North of England was suddenly walking dogs with pierce Brosnan in Malibu.

The Social Hand Grenade Proudly Presents.... Paul Gannon!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

YouTube 1: Charlie Parker - Summertime

YouTube 2: Matt Devereaux - The Piccadilly Prowler

YouTube 3: The Rogues Handbook - The Bad Lines Sketch 

YouTube 4:  Nino Rota - A Time for Us

YouTube 5: Sesame Street Original - Closing Theme

YouTube 6: Bruce Forsyth  - Chin Up 

Episode 16 - Bobby Mair 'Needy Momentum Killer'

One of my favourite comics Bobby Mair checks in to The Brothel to discuss everything from comedy, to how weird Joseph Wilson is and his cousin Justin Bieber.

I did not stop laughing throughout this honest, hilarious episode. His stand up is as good. 

I first met Bobby when he just arrived from Canada to the UK where he supported Doug Stanhope. Since then, he has gone on to do numerous British and Canadian prime time TV shows. This guy really will be world class very soon folks!

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... Bobby Mair!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Hollywood Score: 'The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin'

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: 'Bobby Mair on Russell Howard's Good News'

Outro Song: 'Justin Bieber- Baby'

Episode 17 - Patrick Monhan 'We Left As Kids'

Fresh from TV, Patrick Monahan​ talks deeply and passionately about Iran where his family, like so many, had to flee from the 1979 Iranian Revolution and  Iraqi invasion.

Personally I did not expect this from Pat. He had me hooked about his background growing up in Iran and having an Irish father. His family stories blow me away whilst he still kept the funny going. 

There is one awful, heart breaking story which gives you a different view. You will know which one... 'a wave'.

This episode was a genuine pleasure!

Buy his DVD. Buy into Monahan. And buy 'The Monahan Hug'.

Episode 18 - Ola 'Essence of Privilege'

Sitting down with Ola is an intellectual roller coaster. 

This is a young man with thoughts and wisdom that one would expect from an older gent on top of a mountain.

We speak passionately about issues surrounding black issues including the broken rides and attractions given to black comedians by the TV world.

This is a man on a mission and already he has got a reputation and in years to come his word might be gospel.

Please delight your senses with the one and only Ola!!!

Buy his DVD “The Comedian and His Future Wife“ from www.

Episode 19 - James Dowdeswell 'Migratory Instinct of an Eel'

James Dowdeswell has been a comic for 15 years racking up a host of world-wide gigs, TV appearances and continues to be one of the nicest, happiest comedians working despite his Edinburgh show "No More Mr Nice Guy".

We discussed the arduous and stupid auditioning process from the cobbles of London's Soho (which got him the part of Count Fuckula in the acclaimed 'Extras'), we amuse bouched about the delights of wine and the 'Migratory Instinct of an Eel'.

I have always digged James' comedy styling and so will you.

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast proudly presents... James Dowdeswell!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Hollywood Score: 'Adagio for Strings (Samuel Barber)'

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: 'James Dowdeswell on Russell Howard's Good News'

YouTube Clip 1: 'Extras' Clip

Outro Song: The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony 

Episode 20 - Julian Deane 'The Drunk, Lost Me'

Welcome to Episode 20! 

This is an amazing, brutally honest episode with my old mate Julian Deane. 

Deane reveals the hardships of his life before comedy and how he is digging deep to be as open and honest in his comedy.

It is only the brilliance of Deane that he can makes such personal gripes into comedy gems. As he wrestles to excel at  this year's Brighton and Edinburgh Festival shows, Deane chats candidly about these pains and struggles that occur.

The Social Hand Grenade Podcast Proudly Presents... Julian Deane!!!

Intro song: Molotov Jukebox - I Need It

Stand-Up clip from YouTube 1: 'Julian Deane on London Live'

YouTube Clip 2:  The Last Samurai OST #8 -- Ronin

Outro Song: Sia - Chandlier

Episode 21 - Natalia Tena: Part 1 'The Girl with the Accordian'

It is my dear friend Natalia Tena, an actress and musician for my beloved Molotov Jukebox (Check 'em out!).

We have big love for Natalia at The Brothel!

Energetic, hilarious and definitely not a sheep.

This was, as expected, an immense interview with my friend talking about all things. I could describe all but you just have to listen. End of.

Episode 22 - Natalia Tena: Part 2 'The Dirty Salmon'

Part 2 is even better!