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Tom Rhodes Radio https://soundcloud.com/tomrhodescomedy/joseph-wilson

Comics Talk Footballhttps://www.mixcloud.com/comicstalkfootball/al-pacino-football-manager-with-joe-bor-and-joseph-wilson/

Salvation Radio https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/salvation-radio-27112016/

Tom Rhodes Radio

I first met Joseph Wilson when I performed at the Comedy Cafe in London in 2013.

We hit if off instantly and unbeknownst to me he became a avid listener of my podcast.

I found out he was listening to my podcast 6 months later when he was on vacation in Peru and sent me a video he filmed at the top of Machu Pichu where he recreated and slightly mocked the opening of my podcast where I list all the fabulous places in the world I am going to take the listener.

I thought the video was funny and I was very flattered he filmed it in my honor.

Comics Talk Football

Jo Bor and Joseph Wilson (both Arsenal) join Liam to discuss (in no particular order) Portugal, France, the vanquished semi-finalists, whether James Richardson can actually speak Italian, father-son relationships, how easy it is to be a manager, Sir Bruce Forsyth, missing games to watch Ready Steady Cook, and, in a podcast first, the story about Tom Jones headbutting someone through a chip shop window! The boys also pay tribute to David Platt and conceive a new football based gameshow called "Play your Hendrie's Right".

Salvation Radio

Salvation Radio- allowing you to sin, be saved and sin all over again! Expect on air confessions, divine competitions, comedy radio adverts and heavenly hymns from the best soul, disco, Americana and motown legends that have ever walked on water. Hosted by pentecostal pervert Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson and Double-D DJ Sister Mary Lou from Alabama, allow the Lord to come right inside of your ears in this one stop shop for Salvation

Episode 43 - Sex, Jokes & Rock N' Roll w/ Joseph Wilson

My new British comic buddy, Joseph Wilson! He was in town from England to do stand up around town and we met,hung out, and he came over for the podcast.

He's a big comedy nerd and happens to be a pretty bitchin' guitarist! We had a great long talk about comedy, flamenco guitar and what the Edinburgh Comedy festival is really like these days.